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We Are India's Leading Organic Farming Group

4-piller Of Soil Charger Technology

Soil Charger Technology

Work on nourishment not on disease.

Soil Charger Technology

Work on soil not on climate.

Soil Charger Technology

Work on humus not with other things.

Soil Charger Technology

Work on leaf and roots not on fruits

3-Principle Of Soil Charger Technology

  • First Method
    • Basal dose of krushi amrut , root charger and nutri charger should be given after every 60 days as per requirement of the plant . 
    • In every application of soil or drip or drenching at least once in a week use soil charger 1 ltr and health charger 600 gm for 1 acre   .
    • Each spray must be mixed with a fruit charger.                 
  • Second Rule
    • Do not cultivate any soil that will cause movement or exposure . Mulching should not be done by part of trunk.( weeds should not be cut in rainy weather or when it is raining , do in a dry environment )
    • Do not use any chemical fertilizer ( granular or water soluble ) .
    • For crop protection use only pest fighter , pest cleaner , disease fighter and fungi cleaner. Do not use any chemicals . 
  • Third Meditation
    • Watching daily videos posted on youtube channel and prepare notes and comments.
      This is the breath of SCT VEDIC.
    • Study the articles published daily on WhatsApp group.
      This is the water for SCT VEDIC users.
    • 3 -5 min of daily discussion with at least one new or old user farmer or with each other directly or on call about SCT issue.
      This is the food for SCT USER

About us

Mr. Ram Mukhekar
Founder, Soil Charger Technology
Nashik, Maharashtra

After the Green Revolution, humans, out of a desire for higher income, interfered with the natural life cycle of crops and overused entrepreneurs and chemicals. As a result, the health of crop and soil was endangered. Recognizing this threat in 2015, SCT gave first priority to increase soil fertility and organic carbon. Its first objective was to provide a strong source of organic carbon.

Gradually realizing the importance of organic carbon, SCT has worked to alleviate the prosperity of farmers. Soil pollution stopped by providing strong alternatives.

The 3rd step is to stop the use of synthetic PGR and provide a safe alternative to the development of natural hormones in crops with the help of Mycorrhiza.

The 4th step is to stop the flow of toxic pollutants in the name of crop protection. Although thousands of farmers have shown from their experience that nutrition is the only option for crop protection, the management of SCT Saptapadi was born in 2021 after some farmers made management mistakes.

The journey of Vedic from SCT. From 2015-19, it was impossible to satisfy his appetite using only SCT, so he had to relay on chemical fertilizers. Vedic Scientists, myself & team have come up with 10 years of research and Vedic technology has been born through the teachings of SCT and Vedic.

Today, the SCT Vedic will be a revolutionary step in the Indian agricultural sector as India becomes a superpower in the 21st century. We have faith in agriculture and soil to complete farmers dream.   ​​​​​​


  • Prosperous and Permanent farmings
  • Production of 100% nutritious and non-toxic agricultural goods.
  • Inheritance of fertile soil and pure water for the next generation.
  • Sustainable and prosperous agriculture with quality and quantity.


  • We want to make India truly agricultural and bring in a farmers' state
  • We want to encourage the youth to cultivate with joy and to encourage youth to think positively about agriculture.

Our Products

Increase the soil fertility and strength of plant. Healthy plant development is our main aim. From last three years our technology experts Mr. Ram Mukhekar ji is educating and train farmers and want to make them independent for treatment and dicisions. Available platform to discuss various problems frankly and searching scientific way to resolve that problem from root.


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What Our Farmer’s Say

आपले जर आरोग्य असेल तरच आपल्याला इतर गोष्टी मिळतील, आणि SCT वैदिक हे आरोग्य देणारे तंत्रज्ञान आहे .

श्री. बाबासाहेब गावडे

बिनधास्त आणि नीरधास्त जीवन जगायचे असेल तर शेतकऱ्यांनी SCT वैदिक कडे वळायला पाहिजे.

श्री. बाबासाहेब गावडे

Meet Our Team Members

Aniket Sahane


Rushikesh Hadwale

Production Director

Prasad Mukhekar

Devlopment Director

Arun Patole

General Manager

Bhausabheb Khemnar

Technical Expert


At Soil Charger Technologies INC We know our responsibility to offer eco friendly products and services that efficiently satisfy the growing food, fuel, and fodder demands driven by social and economic development in a safe and sustainable manner.
Our company is an leading biotech company who is active in the field of research, manufacturing and marketing of unique organic products for all…

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